Tree Surgery Services

Tree surgeonsJohnston Tree Surgeons provides a fully certified and insured tree service. Tree surgery is carried out to the highest standard in adherence with NPTC training guidelines and in accordance with modern arboricultural practice. Whether your tree is 10ft or 100ft we can deal with it.
Tree Surgery
Tree Surgery Wexford Waterford Carlow Kilkenny
Crown Lifting: removing some of the lower branches beneath a tree’s crown can help more daylight to pass through a tree and provide movement access beneath a tree with
Crown Thinning: increases light penetration and air movement throughout the crown of a tree. The intent is to improve a tree’s structure and form while making life uncomfortable for tree pests.
Deadwooding: the removal of dead, dying or diseased branches within the tree. Proper pollarding is a tree practice that requires constant attention. Pollarding should be started while the tree is young to prevent decay of the cut branches. Pollarding is not topping and a clear distinction should be made between the two.
Tree Pruning & Reduction
Tree Pruning Wexford Waterford Carlow Kilkenny
Johnston Tree Surgeons offers a tree pruning service in accordance with best arboricultural practice. Tree care is a priority and using the proper pruning techniques an overgrown tree can be reduced to provide better amenity value and also to ensure the long life of the tree without causing damage. We can provide a crown reduction service when a tree has grown too large for its permitted space.
Hedge Maintenance
Hedge Maintenance Wexford Waterford Carlow Kilkenny
We can deal with any hedge from a small box hedge to an overgrown leylandii hedge. Whether your hedge is damaged, overhanging a sensitive area such as a road or building or just in need of some general maintenance we can provide certified tree surgeons to carry out the work to achieve the best finish. Hedges can be faced, topped or crown lifted as appropriate to the individual. Tree care is our priority so a high quality finish is guaranteed.
Tree Felling
Trees can be felled by our professional staff using a straight felling technique where space permits or using a sectional takedown where the tree is removed from the top down. Professional tree felling techniques are used so that the customer can be assured that the tree will be removed without damage to person or property.

Professional Climbing
Professional Tree Climbing Wexford Waterford Carlow Kilkenny
Using professional climbers we can access trees in sensitive and difficult to access areas with a minimum impact on the surroundings. Climbers are fully certified under NPTC standards. Trees can be reduced or removed using a certified climber.
Emergency Tree Care
Storm damaged trees can be made safe or removed by Johnston Tree Surgeons. A fallen tree can be dealt with quickly and effectively to prevent further inconvenience to customers. Dangerous branches should be removed before they fall and cause an accident.
Tree Surveys
Johnston Tree Surgeons can provide tree surveys for damaged trees or for planning reports in accordance with BS5837, the recognised industry standard for trees in relation to construction.