Review of the Barnett Vengeance 480

Are you interested in the Barnett Vengeance 480 Barnett crossbow but you’re unsure whether it will suit you or what its features are and if you can use anywhere else rather than just target practice in your backyard or shooting range?
Well, you’ve come to the right place!
Considered to be a major evolution in the crossbow industry, the Barnett Vengeance 480 is a step ahead among most crossbows, this is the first top-rated crossbows that combines a lightweight riser with reverse draw technology, this very effective combination gives the Barnett Vengeance 480 much less vibration and noise compared to its counterparts without compromising power, speed, and accuracy; because of this, the Barnett Vengeance has the most accurate shot and stability.

Preferred Game : Small to medium game
(deer, antelope, etc)
Bow Type: Compound
Grip: Similar to that of a pistol
Material Used: Carbon
Arrows: Three 20-inch Headhunter
Velocity: 325 feet per second
Type of Scope: Illuminated Scope

Besides these, the Barnett Vengeance also comes with anti dry fire and its trigger has a metal injected grip thus making it much lighter compared to other crossbows, has an adjustable pistol grip, and also comes in camouflage and carbon (black). The package also includes a detachable quiver, a noise suppressor, a rope cocking device, and an optional integrated crank.

Another great thing about this crossbow is its power especially when it comes to hunting, you don’t have to sacrifice anything, remember to keep your targets secured (if you’re in a shooting range) when shooting with this powerful crossbow.
You also get more power from this crossbow because of its low draw weight, there isn’t any other crossbow that can generate this amount of power, this also makes it easier for anyone to cock the Barnett Vengeance 480.

As with most products from Barnett, this crossbow comes with a 5 year warranty so don’t worry about using your crossbow to its maximum capability.

Because of the compact design of the Barnett Vengeance, making it easier for most hunters to move and even run around the woods without worrying that you’ll be dragging your crossbow with you or whether you’ll end up falling face first in mud with your crossbow; you can simply carry it with you or behind your back as you make your way through different terrains.


The Barnett Vengeance 480 was designed with the highest degree of safety in mind, the secondary trigger won’t disengage unless you use it, so don’t worry about accidentally shooting yourself or your friends during the hunt,

While the price tag of this crossbow may make you go cold and faint, remember that crossbows are an investment especially for those who take hunting very seriously, also remember that you are getting much more than just a fancy crossbow with a brand, in fact, this could be the last crossbow you could be buying, in a long time,

With many hunters and enthusiasts looking for the best crossbow in the market and this is why Barnett created the Vengeance, it’s perfect for anyone who loves to hunt without compromising anything.