Paint On Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening has been around for quite a long time and although it used to be expensive, it is now made affordable due to new methods and procedures being developed everyday. But despite the availability of teeth whitening nowadays, many are still somewhat undecided when it comes to teeth whitening.
So what exactly happens during teeth whitening?
In this article, we’ll talk about paint on teeth whitening, how it’s done, and what benefits you’ll get.

Paint on teeth whitening is one of the most common method to help whiten and your teeth in best teeth whitening Swansea, these teeth whiteners require some way to deliver the whitening agent to the tooth enamel for long periods of time like with the help of plastic strips, but unlike other methods of teeth whitening, paint on teeth whitening is directly applied onto your teeth and they can be done in as easy as 30 minutes and as many times as you like.
And with many of us who believe in putting our best face forward, teeth whitening is one of the best way to do it.

How is it Done?
What makes paint on teeth whitening stand out is its simplicity.
You don’t necessarily need a dentist appointment to have it done, in most cases, all you need to do is buy a box from your favorite pharmacy such as Watson’s or Guardian then simply apply them directly on your teeth as if you were brushing them.

There are several different types of paint on teeth whiteners. There are some that use carbamide peroxide and others that use hydrogen peroxide, depending on the severity, both work well in whitening your teeth, although hydrogen peroxide has shorter wearing times compared to that of carbamide peroxide.
Regardless if you’ll be buying an over the counter product or visiting your dentist, both of these active ingredients are excellent in whitening your teeth and doesn’t wear off even if you sink your teeth in some juicy steak or chocolate cake afterwards.
Most over the counter whitening products make it economical for users where most of them can simply do it in the comfort of their own home, this allows you to save on time and money.

In fact, the instructions on most paint on teeth whitening products are very easy to use, most usually require you to use it as if it were toothpaste where you have to brush it on your teeth, some may simply be painted on and left for a few minutes.
You have to avoid eating or drinking anything after doing the treatment but you may do so after an hour.

Are there any Downsides in Using Paint On Teeth Whitening Products?
Indeed there are some precautions needed in taking over the counter teeth whitening products, enamel has been shown to wear off over time with prolonged use of such products. These OTC products are only good for touch ups and only when after you go to your dentist for a professional clean. It’s best that you check with your dentist before buying similar products.