Increase in your patient experience satisfaction

My name is Ed O’Keefe, and over the past 7 ½ years I have shown over 5300 General Dentists around the world in how to make traffic to their practices with their patients in using counter-intuitive, yet a very effective and unmatched by anyone else in dentistry! Whether you are frustrated with how much money you are taking home, the quality of new patients you are seeing, or simply you are looking to take your practice to the next level, then I promise you this Dental Marketing website will literally transform your practice and financial life! Over 85% of Dentists in the United States are claiming to be down on average by more than 20% and for most of them things just seem to be getting worse. Many of the major supply companies are projecting record lows in the next 1 ½ years…indicating that patients are NOT buying…not spending money.

We can’t control what the government is trying to do about it…and we can’t control the buying behaviors of patients who don’t have money. You (and your entire TEAM) in need to stop buying into all the doom and gloom, and focus with all your effort, heart, and energy into what you can control! Focus on the hundreds of patients in your patient base and around your office who DO have money, who WILL invest in their health, and get rolling!
You may think I am nut… but I am not. Here’s proof to back it up… and I promise you that if you do this… you can have record months… like these doctors!

Here are just 4 examples of real docs doing great things …and there is ZERO difference between them and you, except what they are DOING! No special talent…other than they are taking action on a monthly basis focused on:
Revenue Generation: getting a flood of patients who say “Yes” and get exsting patients to choose more services! Tip: the doctors who are constantly focused on adding more value and more revenue to their practice are the ones that thrive! Ask yourself: “How can we generate more revenue? What else can we offer our existing patients? How can we get inactives back in? What can we promote this month? World Class Customer Service – think about this! Research has proven, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that a 1% increase in your patient experience satisfaction can increase your NET cash flow by 7-15%! We are talking about something that doesn’t cost a thing…but might take you from doing good to becoming world-class!

Creating a Profit Driven Team: getting your team to be focused on crating more value for your patients which creates more bottom line profits! 1 small improvement here can add 10, 20, or 30 thousand extra FAST!
Bullet-Proof Referral System that creates predictable patients, profits, and success! You can have the best services in the world…and even have happy patients…but if you don’t have a system that every new patients experiences when they join your practice – YOU are missing so many free patients.
Imagine, one year from now, that you have an 80% referral based practice! Patients join your practice knowing that if they get their desired results they are happy to send their friends and family to you.