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Acne usually affects the face but can also affect the back, neck, chest and arms. Acne is characterised by spots, blackheads and whiteheads and can cause scarring if not treated quickly enough. There are many effective actions that you can take at home though to handle the true source of acne and help the skin heal faster. This is far better than trying some of the acne treatments made from harsh chemicals or trying some of the acne medications which can have negative side effects.

Some common sense steps to take to start off your homemade acne treatment are to: drink plenty of water, eat a healthy diet, and to keep the skin clean. Eating a healthy diet would consist of eating a variety of foods to ensure that you get the needed nutrients. Eating your five portions of fruits and vegetables a day can also help ensure you get all the needed vitamins and minerals. Drinking water helps the body cleanse itself and keep the skin hydrated.

When it comes to cleaning your skin, avoid harsh cleaning products as your skin needs some natural oils otherwise the skin can dry out and begin producing even more oil! You should clean your skin a couple of times a day. If you suffer from back acne it is advisable to keep your back clean and sweat-free. If you get sweaty after exercise or work, take a shower or bath as soon as possible as the sweat can create a film on your skin and can aggravate the acne. You should also avoid tight-fitting clothes which can trap sweat. Clothes that are not tight and are made from breathable materials such as cotton are advisable.

There are more factors when considering a homemade acne treatment. Often ensuring you have handled any nutritional deficiencies, food intolerances, allergies and factors which may aggravate acne are helpful. There are some excellent information products on the subject of homemade acne treatments which can help you a lot. These products should help educate you further on the subject and help you to identify factors that could be causing your acne and teach you effective steps to handle it.

Debra Devora is an expert in the field of acne and has extensively researched homemade acne treatments.

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