Guide to Buying A Pole

Although it may look daunting and somewhat risky, pole dancing happens to be one of the most fun forms of exercise we have today. Not only is it fun and sexy, pole dancing can also help you lose weight, tone your core, promote a healthy metabolism, fix and strengthen your posture, improve your flexibility, and even improve your coordination and balance. However, one doesn’t need to go to a strip club (although it may even make it more fun) or dance studio to get their groove on with pole dancing as they can have one installed in their very own home with the help of

What’s in a Pole Dancing Kit?
Pole dancing is a fun exercise that can help you get the dream body you want with just a few steps and help boost your confidence, pole dancing is also perfect for those who are very shy in going to the gym.
Although it looks complicated, one can easily set up their own pole in the comfort of their own home with the help of a pole dancing kit. But what’s inside it, and can it really help you start pole dancing in your own home?
Good quality aluminum pole, it’s usually 45mm and removable so you can transfer it anywhere you want. (Some pole kits may offer different sizes for your pole so it’s best to know what you want before buying).

Installation parts
Instructional videos or booklets that will show you every step in getting started with pole dancing
Owner’s warranty Ceiling mount Grips that help you maintain your balance while using the pole
Accessories such as a detachable stage with wheels.
*pole dancing kits may vary depending on the manufacturer, most pole dancing kits just include the pole, its assembly parts and the instructional videos or booklets. Check with the manufacturer before buying your own pole dancing kit.

Types of Poles
Although they look alike, dancing poles do have differences.
One type of pole is the stationary pole, this is the most common one you’ll see. They are suitable for many beginners since this is more stable. Spinning poles are recommended for intermediate and professional dancers, this also allows them to perform more complicated steps. Regardless of the type of pole you will be choosing, both can be permanent or removable, and can even withstand the heaviest user; maximum of 200 lbs.

Setting Up Your Pole
Setting up your own dancing pole is as easy as setting up a Netflix account just in time for that movie night with your friends.
Here are the things you need to do before and after setting up your dance pole.
Select a Room: although small, a dancing pole still needs some room for you to move around. Perhaps you’ll want to choose a room where there is adequate natural light so that you could feel energised during your workout session. The room should also have a high enough ceiling for the pole to fit in. Perhaps you can even add in several poles for you and your friends to enjoy.

Setting it Up: Of course, most pole dancing kits will include instructions on how to set it up, it’s fairly easy to do and won’t involve several heavy tools, you’ll need to assemble the pieces that came in the box, and lastly stand it up. Test it out afterwards so that you’ll know that there are no loose screws.