Dear Busy Chiropractor

ChiropractorDo any of these statements sound familiar?

Your waiting room has nothing but old, outdated, torn up magazines? You know that this is the first impression patients will get of you and you want to add something new and interesting but you dont know where to start?
You have a list of patients but havent contacted them in months? You know its important to keep in touch and keep them engaged, but you just cant seem to find the time?
You need a cost effective marketing plan? Like a monthly newsletter that makes it easy for you to grow your practice by connecting with new patients and staying connected with current and past patients?
You want a monthly newsletter but just dont have the time and dont like to write? You know that a newsletter is a great way to keep in touch with existing patients and introduce your practice, and show your expertise, to new patients but who has the time?
But, you know what? click here.

All of these issues are totally NORMAL!

And the truth is, that most people hate to write.. its a time consuming, boring hassle.

And more than that it is NOT the most effective use of your time.

You should be seeing patients, not writing a newsletter!

BUT, you know that having a newsletter is very important to your practice.

You know that a newsletter, one that is informative but still easy to read, is one of the best ways to find new patients

AND one of the best ways of building rapport with your current patients.

The truth is that 9 out of 10 of the chiropractors in your area dont have a newsletter!

You will automatically be way ahead of the other chiropractors in your area just by getting your own monthly newsletter!

But, who has the time?

Well, Ive got just what you need I have put together something that will give you the tools you need to stay connected with your existing patients AND reach out and connect with new patients.


The Best Chiropractors Newsletter Club

How Would You Like It If Every Month

You could have your very own professionally written newsletter without having to do any writing at all?
You had a brand new newsletter delivered right to your email inbox every single month and all you had to do was print it out or email it to your patients?
Every newsletter was packed with 5 well researched and well written articles on various subjects related to chiropractic and health and the quality was guaranteed 100%?
Each newsletter was attractively put together with quality articles, photos and clip-art?
You know, there is something incredibly powerful about the written word.

Just imagine how impressed your potential patients will be when they read a newsletter full of informative, quality articles with you listed as the author!

Talk about instant credibility!

You will be the expert in the area and patients will seek you out.

BUT who has the time??!

Well, I have great news! The next 100 chiropractors who appreciate how much a quality newsletter can help their practice can have all this and more!

There is so much more you can do with these newsletters besides just using them in your waiting room

You can set yourself apart from all the other chiropractors and you can become the authority in your area

Since you have total rights to each newsletter you can

Take the articles out and put them on your blog
Place an article in your local paper or trade journal
Pass the newsletters out at your next trade show
Post some of the articles on your Facebook page
There are dozens of other ways you can use these newsletters to get more patients and make more money, but I suppose you are probably asking yourself